How to…develop a longer term relationship with a school

OK, you’re a chaplain (or a church member) who has now developed a sound relationship with your local school. You visit fairly regularly; teachers (including the Head Teacher) know and like you; you understand what the needs are and how you can help.

How can you develop a longer term relationship?

  1. Make sure that you have shared a Protocol for your work with senior staff in the school, and that they are happy with it. Look at the “Partnership with Schools Protocol” on our website, and feel free to badge it (or adapt it) for your own use.
  2. Offer to work with teachers to create a “Partnership Activity Agreement”. Look at the example on this website, and again feel free to badge it (or adapt it) for your own use. Schools are expected to work in partnership with their local community, and school inspections look for evidence that they are doing so. While every school is different, your suggestion of a written agreement may well be attractive. If your school would like to go down this route, you’ll probably work out the details alongside the teacher with whom you work most closely, before the form is signed by the head teacher. Remember: keep it brief (teachers hate being swamped by paper!)

Suggest to the teacher with whom you are working that the impact of what you are doing should be evaluated. All teachers know that evaluation is a good idea, and are under pressure to produce evidence that they’re doing it. But (you’ve guessed it) time is the enemy. So if you stress that it can be kept simple, and if you offer to help with the evaluation, they may well be open to the idea – or even welcome it! Suggest using the Self-Evaluation Form on this website. It is based on advice from Her Majesty’s Inspectors, so it should fit well with the school’s own practices – and it’s easy to use.

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