How to…help children & yp think through faith

As a Chaplain or church volunteer, you may be supporting a lunchtime Scripture Union group. In this context, where children and young people choose to get together to explore their faith, you can draw on a variety of resources which would be less relevant in the classroom.

Above all, children and young people tend to want to get involved:

• Scripture Union Scotland have holidays targeted specifically at various age groups, as well as leadership training for S5-6 volunteers (see ) and StudyCamps

• “Soul Survivor” organises weekend/week-long events for young people. They use various venues in England, but great news is they also run in Scotland. Go to to find out more. A lot of their online resources are video clips. They have a You-Tube channel, an online magazine, and also lots of resources if you’ve just become a Christian. Have a look at

What about some more online resources?C.3.9.P2

• Youth Alpha has some great resources. Look at their film series: twelve episodes filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris and Jerusalem:

• For good online apologetics for young people try REBOOT Aimed at Mid/late teens & students, it has online video clips on topics like “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” and “How can I talk to my friends about my faith?”, an online magazine (Fresh – Thoughts) with links to lots of stories/interviews etc. about art, music, fashion, leadership etc. Interesting point: What do Daniel, Queen Esther, Mary, Timothy, Jeremiah and you have in common? They are all teenagers!

• S4-6 pupils might also like some of the Ethos UK videos Some are way better than others, but at their best they deal with edgy questions that Christian pupils are bound to be asking

• For ages 7-11, try some of Youth for Christ’s materials. See 

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