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Friday, 18 May 2018 13:45

Prof John Lennox

The National Training Day for "Introducing the God Question" on Thursday, May 17th was a massive success. Prof John Lennox captivated all of us throughout the morning, with lots of thought-provoking reasons why "Science vs. Religion" is a totally false dichotomy.

"Faith means believing where there is no evidence, claim the New Atheists. They could not be more wrong: Christianity is a religion based on evidence, whereas atheism is blind belief based on very little evidence indeed."

"Fides is the Latin root of both the words "faith" and "fidelity". Fidelity implies trustworthiness, a decision based on reliable evidence. There isn't an area of life that doesn't depend on faith, trust, and assessment of evidence. Christianity has a much more coherent explanation of the universe than scientism: we believe in a logical God Creator, so the logical coherent nature of the universe is in accord with who he is."

" The God of the Bible is not a god-of-the-gaps: he is God of the parts we do understand and of the parts we don't yet understand. Our God is God of the whole show."

Thanks to Barbara @SCESDirector & Jo at SCES + Iain Morris of Kharis Productions/Grasping the Nettle who worked so hard to make the day such a success!

We're delighted that many people have already booked. There are still spaces. If you haven't done so already book now !ITGQ Ad


Saturday, 21 April 2018 12:40


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Schools across the country report major increases in stress, anxiety and mental health issues among pupils of all ages. Starting this Wednesday, our Facebook page will be highlighting some of the resources that are available for teachers, school chaplains and parents. Make sure you don't miss anything by liking us on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter.

Thursday, 12 April 2018 14:05

Exciting Changes: God at Work!

Mid-April is going to be an exciting change-over time in CVE Scotland. Both Beatrice Roy (our National Worker since January 2016) and Kate Russon (who joined us in November 2016 as our Administrator) are moving on. Bee moves over to Tearfund Scotland as their Youth and Young Adults Manager, and Kate has been appointed the Kodaly Music Instructor for South Aberdeenshire's schools. Everyone in CVE Scotland is really excited for Bee and Kate, to see how the Lord will use them both in the tremendous opportunities that their new roles will bring. And we are immensely grateful for their skill, enthusiasm and dedication, working for CVE Scotland in the last couple of years.

"Meantime, there is so much going on for us in CVE Scotland,” says CVE Chair, Andy Bathgate. “We are delighted to announce Megan Patterson as our new National Worker at least until the autumn. Megan brings a wealth of experience as a teacher and trainer. Based in Central Scotland, she also trains teachers in developing countries across the world on behalf of SIM. And as a member of our Management Committee, she already has in-depth knowledge of CVE." Contact Megan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A lot else is happening with CVE at present, as Andy Bathgate explains: "We’re greatly looking forward to a major joint project with the Church of Scotland's Education Committee, leading a national initiative on R.O./Time for Reflection and the work of school chaplains right across Scotland. Our national training day for teachers, with Prof John Lennox as keynote speaker, is less than two months away (on May 17th - organised jointly with the Scottish Catholic Education Service). And we are currently discussing yet another major project with two other leading Christian charities - this one to support Christian parents. God is at work - so please pray that we’ll follow him closely in the three months ahead!”

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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 18:20

A great gift for a chaplain near you

Scotland's schools will be blessed as a result of committee member, Steve Younger's work. Buy his book for yourself or as a gift for a chaplain you know. 
Publication date: 31st May, 2018
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