Friday, 18 May 2018 13:45

Prof John Lennox

The National Training Day for "Introducing the God Question" on Thursday, May 17th was a massive success. Prof John Lennox captivated all of us throughout the morning, with lots of thought-provoking reasons why "Science vs. Religion" is a totally false dichotomy.

"Faith means believing where there is no evidence, claim the New Atheists. They could not be more wrong: Christianity is a religion based on evidence, whereas atheism is blind belief based on very little evidence indeed."

"Fides is the Latin root of both the words "faith" and "fidelity". Fidelity implies trustworthiness, a decision based on reliable evidence. There isn't an area of life that doesn't depend on faith, trust, and assessment of evidence. Christianity has a much more coherent explanation of the universe than scientism: we believe in a logical God Creator, so the logical coherent nature of the universe is in accord with who he is."

" The God of the Bible is not a god-of-the-gaps: he is God of the parts we do understand and of the parts we don't yet understand. Our God is God of the whole show."

Thanks to Barbara @SCESDirector & Jo at SCES + Iain Morris of Kharis Productions/Grasping the Nettle who worked so hard to make the day such a success!

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