Tuesday, 29 May 2018 13:03

Go-ahead for National Chaplaincy Development Project

CVE Scotland has just appointed Rev Steve Younger to provide training, networking and resources for school chaplains right across Scotland.

"We are really excited about this major new project," explains Richard Coton (CVE Scotland national secretary). "There's a lot of really good practice spread across the country, and there's no shortage of school chaplains who really want to make a difference but just don't know what is going on elsewhere. At the moment, incredibly, no one knows who all the chaplains are -- they've got no way of contacting each other. This is the perfect opportunity to bring people together, share a lot of good ideas and provide lots of new resources."

Steve Younger has bhttp://www.cve-scotland.org.uk/images/a73b47188fd5a6216b7e39affc896d0b_L.jpg?1527599802een described by Education Scotland as the country's greatest expert on chaplaincy in nondenominational schools. He won't be working alone, of course: he will be supported by a Working Group of people drawn from a variety of school backgrounds and from across the denominations.

May 17th gave a taste of what is to come, when Steve met for a whole day with 45 school staff and 25 school chaplains in the Borders. This inspiring day conference was organised by Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles in partnership with Scottish Borders Council.

Detailed planning starts for the Chaplaincy Development Project in early June, with network meetings scheduled from the autumn onwards. It was revealed at the CVE Scotland vision and fundraising dinner in May that we hope to run this project for at least five years!

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