Prayer Calendar

Week beginning May 21st

The CVE SCOTLAND Management Committee meets today (21st) under the leadership of Andy Bathgate. Pray for sensitivity to the Lord’s leading and clarity of thought for each committee member as we set this time aside to focus on the diverse possibilities open to the charity in these exciting times.

Pray also that the Vision and Fundraising Dinner on May 26thwill be a happy event and also one which increases our support base, both financially and with prayer. 

Week beginning May 28th

Give thanks for Steve Younger’s book published this week. Time for Reflectionis available at Pray that Scotland’s school chaplains will benefit from this invaluable resource. Pray also for Steve and for Graeme Donald as they draw together a Working Group to co-ordinate our major School Chaplaincy Networking and Resourcing Project. 

In the wake of the Vision and Fundraising Dinner last week please pray for a significant increase in our support base. Thank God for our Treasurer (Kenny Roy) and Assistant Treasurer (David MacDonald) and uphold them in your prayers. 

Week beginning June 4th

The Caritas Award ceremony takes place on Thursday this week (7thJune) in the Clyde Auditorium Glasgow.  Committee members Sandra Blair and Megan Patterson have been invited to attend.

Pray for the CVE Scotland committee as we explore ways of adapting this successful programme for non-denominational schools. 

Week beginning June 11th

Pray for the Teachers’ Event organised by SUScotland in Edinburgh today (June 11th). Megan Patterson (National Worker, interim) is one of the speakers. Pray that the event will be an encouragement to teachers, will help to increase their confidence to share their faith and provide a sense of belonging to a network of likeminded teachers. 

Week beginning June 18th

Thank God for Sue Thompson and her work of training teachers to tell the 10 must-know Bible stories in Primary schools for Sue and pray for more schools to request the training. 

Give thanks for the many schools in and around Aberdeen that have benefitted from these stories and pray for the teachers and children who hear them.

Week beginning June 25th

Most Scottish schools will be ending the school year this week. Pray for chaplains visiting schools for the last time this session. Pray for children for whom holiday time is difficult. 

On Wednesday (27th) the CVE Scotland Planning Group (comprising Andy Bathgate, Kenny Roy, Richard Coton and Megan Patterson) meets. We value prayer for energy and discernment.

On the same day committee members Andy Bathgate, Richard Coton and Megan Patterson meet with Kieran Turner of the Evangelical Alliance to discuss The Better Storyproject – a culturally relevant response to the secular narrative. For this too we value your prayers enormously. 

Week beginning July 2nd  

As the school holidays begin pray for teachers to find refreshment. 

Pray also for all the beach missions, camps, church missions and other activities that will happen over the summer. Pray for the workers and for the children and young people. 

Following on from last week’s meetings the committee members have lengthy lists of action points. Please continue to uphold them in prayer. 

Week beginning July 9th

Pray for Christian families. Pray for children to benefit from time with mum and dad and also from camps and children’s programmes at the various conferences and events over the summer. Pray that as the children and young people grow visibly in the summer holiday (!) they will also grow spiritually in their walk with the Lord.

Pray that many Christian parents will join the Parent Councils of their children’s schools next session. 

Week beginning July 16th

Pray for Steve Younger and the interdenominational team working on a programme of training and encouragement for chaplains to begin this autumn. Steve’s book Time for Reflection– a resource for chaplains - is available at

Week beginning July 23rd

Pray for all attending Soul Survivor Scotland  this week that it would be a place of significant Bible teaching, growth in faith and relationship with God.

Continue to pray for teachers and schools’ workers to have rest and refreshment during the holiday. 

Week beginning July 30th

The CVE Scotland Management Committee meets this week. Midst the variety of ways in which CVE Scotland would love to support teachers, parents and chaplains pray for wisdom in prioritising. Pray for the Chaplaincy Development Projectunder the leadership of Steve Younger as they prepare to encourage chaplains in the next school year.

Week beginning August 6th 

As the holidays draw to a close pray for teachers preparing for the new year. Pray for those who feel unsure about what they are allowed to say about their faith at school. The booklet SPEAK UP published by Evangelical Alliance with the Lawyers’ Christian fellowship is helpful in this regard. Some copies are still available from Megan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Do write and ask for one. 

Week beginning August 13th

Youth for Christ values our prayers for the touring School Teams: The Sense, StanceThe Cube they recruit and train new gap year volunteers before starting to tour round schools delivering assemblies, lessons, workshops and much more!

Pray for families this week preparing for school. Pray especially for those children transitioning into new schools or starting school for the first time

Week beginning August 20th

As school resumes this week pray for gospel light to shine brightly through the lives of Christian parents, teachers, children and visitors in every school. 

Pray for the management committee of CVE Scotland as a new year begins that we will seize the opportunities afforded to us “while it is day.” (John 9.4)

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