Prayer Calendar

Week Beginning 5th February

Thank the Lord that we are blessed enough to have an education system and may we remember to be thankful for it and value it. Please pray for those within education and the many organisations we partner with, such as Care and Evangelical Alliance as they engage with and respond to the Scottish Government Consultation on the Education Reform.

Please pray for Richard Coton as he speaks at a CVE parents seminar at Gate International Church, Dundee on 6th February.

Week Beginning 12th February

Thank God for our strong continuous relationships across church denominations. Please pray particularly for our partnership with Church of Scotland who we are meeting with again this week in order to develop a plan for how to best support Chaplains across all denominations in Scotland. 

Week Beginning 19th February

Please pray for CVE Scotland as we go forward with our vision and develop strategy for the coming year. Particularly pray for how we take forward both CVE Scotland events and CVE Network areas.

Week Beginning 26th February

Praise God for all the wonderful organisations that CVE Scotland are in partnership with. Please pray that God continues to bless their work, may it bear great fruit and may we keep working together in relationship, all for Him and His glory.


Week Beginning 5th March

Please pray for CVE Scotland as we book in events for the coming year.  Please pray particularly for our event in Ross-shire on the 10th March and praise God for the great relationship with CVE networks there through Colin Carmichael, Scripture Union Regional Worker.

Week Beginning 12th March

Thank God for providing for CVE Scotland through grants. Please join with us to pray for CVE Scotland finances, that we will be supported by more regular and individual givers and that the fundraising dinner in May will be successful in providing further funding.

Week Beginning 19th March

Praise God for the engagement the news mail-outs, blogs and website news updates receive. As we come closer to Easter please pray for those who will be using our Easter resources over the coming weeks, that they will be encouraged & see great responses to the material.

Week Beginning 26th March

During this Holy Week, reflect & thank God for His Son and that through Him we can be saved.

“I am the resurrection & the life. The one who believes in me will live even though they die and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26, NIV


Week Beginning 2nd April

Please pray for teachers during this Easter break. Pray for rest and restoration but also pray for a new passion and calling upon them as teachers to see Christian Values throughout Education.

Week Beginning 9th April

Thank God for the great tool of the CVE Scotland Website and that it is used by many. Please pray for great discernment, wisdom and provision for CVE Scotland as we begin to refresh and re-develop our website so we can resource and support many more and so our expertise can be easily accessed.

Week Beginning 16th April 

Please pray that the word & work of CVE will be spread widely across Scotland, so that we can be accessible to all those who need and would benefit from CVE’s support. Pray that doors open for CVE to be promoted more through our partners and also via social media so in turn CVE can reach all the places God is calling it to.

Week Beginning 23rd April

Thank God for all CVE’s wonderful supporters, especially for those that are actively involved in CVE whether on the committee, writing resources and blogs, those that pray for and bless CVE financially. Please pray the Lord sends us more supporters in all these forms: the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!

Week Beginning 30th April

Thank the Lord for CVE Scotland employees Bee Roy, our National Worker, and Kate Russon, our Administrator, for all the gifts and abilities the Lord has given to CVE Scotland through them. Please continue to pray for them as they put the vision and strategy of CVE Scotland into action on a daily basis.


Week Beginning 7th May

As the end of academic year exams start please pray for all those pupils that are within our education system. Pray they feel supported, valued & know their worth. Thank God for all the Christian teachers & staff that are around them and may they be God’s light.

Week Beginning 14th May

Thank God for the CVE Scotland committee, and for all the professional & spiritual wisdom and discernment they bring with them.  Please pray for the CVE committee over the coming months as they begin to transition the role of our current secretary & co-founder Richard Coton to others. Pray that the Lord brings new people around the committee with specific skill sets we need to progress further.

Week Beginning 21st May

Thank God for the opportunities CVE Scotland has when advising others that contact us directly for advice and support. Please continue to pray for wisdom as we provide more culturally relevant resources & advice for those who are on the ground dealing with real challenges in education everyday. Specifically please pray for the Scottish Government, Education Scotland and Senior management teams in schools.

Week Begining 28th May

Thank God for all those who write blogs for CVE Scotland, particularly Megan Patterson & Steve Younger. Praise God for all the encouragement and support these blogs bring and pray that this continues to grow from strength to strength, all for His Glory to aid the wonderful work of others in education.

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