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Any Questions?

If you are a parent, you will have lots of questions:

How can I support my child at school?

How can my church support me as a parent?

…But where can you go for answers? Have a look at our Any Questions section for some in-depth advice.

Any Questions?

Volunteering at School

P overview image 5Schools need your involvement like never before. Why? 

Mainly because Curriculum for Excellence challenges schools to re-think what learning is all about – and in a much better way than ever before. All schools now realise (or should realise) that the old African proverb is 100% correct: it takes a whole village/community to educate a child!

Skilled as they are, teachers can’t do everything. If you, as a Parent or Volunteer, offer the right sorts of support, most schools will only too keen to welcome you in – not just to help in the Scripture Union or other lunchtime activity, but to help on school trips and even sometimes in the classroom.

Open our Toolbox

But let’s be practical: where do you go for new approaches? Get some new ideas from our How to.... Section. Or get a flavour of what others are trying out in It’s Happening! 

P overview image 3There are other helpful sites to look at too:

If you’re already an experienced Volunteer, our Resources section is probably where you'll want to start. Are you involved with Assemblies a lunchtime club...maybe other parts of school life as well? There are 100s of resources to look at and download.

P Overview Image 2What should I be doing (or avoiding)?

You can serve a school in lots of practical ways, but what should you avoid doing? 

Of course we go into schools to be a blessing, not to evangelise. But what does that mean in practice? What are the boundaries you mustn’t cross? The Permissions and Boundaries section links to key guidance that every Parent or Volunteer should understand and follow. 

More in-depth reading 

Try to wade through the 1000s of pages of guidance for teachers published by Education Scotland, and you’ll lose the will to live! But you definitely need to understand the big ideas, so make sure to look at our Survey of Relevant Themes within Curriculum for Excellence 

P overview image 4Once you show you understand where the school is coming from, they are much more likely to welcome your input. Scotland rightly takes pride in its system of liberal education: schools give children and young people the information, experiences and critical tools to make decisions and choices for themselves. By volunteering, you can help them make these choices for themselves: 

Children and young people must become aware that beliefs and values are fundamental to families and to the fabric of society in communities, local and global. There is an intrinsic value in learning about religion as well as learning from religion..... Children and young people should be given opportunities to participate in service to others and to meet people who show their faith in action1.


1(Education Scotland: )

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