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Once a parent has built a good relationship with a school as a volunteer, there are sometimes good opportunities to offer support in the classroom. This can enhance the quality of learning by bringing a rich mix of resources and experiences from outside the school…and of course the extra pair of hands in the classroom can make an enormous difference to both pupils and teachers. The attached video showcases children's learning at the end of a Rich Task based on the Christmas Truce of 1914. It follows on from a whole school project where World War 1 was the context.…
All primary teachers have to teach aspects of Christianity as part of their school’s RME provision. For a teacher who has no background in Christian knowledge or belief, this can be a daunting prospect. A Christian parent or volunteer can offer much-valued support by providing information to teachers about the various educational programmes which introduce children to the Bible. These include the Bibleworld Experience based at the Scottish Bible Society’s Headquarters in Edinburgh and their touring interactive exhibition:  Bibleworld SBS Studios. For further details of these and all the resources developed by the Scottish Bible Society for Curriculum for Excellence go…
Schools very frequently welcome partnership with organisations (including churches) involved with charity and community service. Most teachers are keen to encourage their pupils to develop attitudes that will encourage lifelong service to others, and to learn about initiatives, groups of people, and areas of society or of the world that may otherwise be unfamiliar. However, it is important for anyone involved with a charity or service project to understand that the school’s over-riding priority is looking for contexts that support pupils’ learning. Through involvement in the sort of real-life contexts that can be provided by local church-based projects(or by national/international…
Residential experiences and various forms of Outdoor Experience are strongly encouraged as part of every young person’s entitlement under Curriculum for Excellence. If a school is considering such an activity, a parent or volunteer who has already been working successfully to support the school can sometimes provide invaluable support by being an extra adult helper at the event. Many of the Outdoor Centres in Scotland are run by Christian organisations. Residential experiences can have a range of (often entirely complementary) educational purposes which can include developing confidence and social skills (Health & Wellbeing), environmental studies field work (Social Subjects, Science)…

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