Training and Advice for Parents & Volunteers

There is a great deal of useful advice and training for anyone wanting to support a local school.

  • Especially if you are just starting out, we strongly recommend that you spend some time on the Serve Your Local School site  P.4.1 P1

As well as a whole range of ideas formaking a real difference to your local school (in really relevant ways that they’ll appreciate), this site has excellent practical advice about the Do’s and Don’ts of working in partnership with schools in Scotland.

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For Catholic education in Scotland, the go-to site is the Scottish Catholic Education Service



  • Schoolswork is a rich source of advice for all Schools Workers. You may well find useful P.4.1 P3additional ideas here if you are a volunteer or parent who'salready been supporting a school for some time already. Though based in England, most of the site'sideas an work well north of the border (though beware the background information it offers, as the governance and rules which we work under here in Scotland are quite different from). Checkout and  especially.Nothing beats talking to people who have practical experience,however,and there are a couple ofexcellent ways to do this:
  • Join the CVE Community and start networking by emailing someone in a similar situation
  • Contact one of the national organisations that support different aspects of Christian Values in Education as part of Curriculum for Excellence. Sign up for one of the periodic Supporters Evenings around Scotland (see News for further information)


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