How to… develop an effective partnership with a school

Maybe you're a parent or a church member, who would like to serve your local school, and are looking for ideas.

The good news is that the Scottish Government wants all schools to link up with the community. Churches are often the largest community organisations in a school’s catchment area, so they can become a valuable partner for a school.

But remember, the links must always support young people’s learning - that's what schools are all about....and education is changing rapidly (schools are quite different from when you were there yourself!)

For some good advice, written by Scottish headteachers and others who know Scottish schools well, go to

How can you make really effective links with schools in ways that benefit children and young people?

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Education Scotland guidelines make it very clear that all schools should work in partnership with their local community:

"A school is excellent to the extent that…

  • Leaders throughout the establishment engage actively with partners, community representatives and agencies and promote and Support community partnerships. There is evidence of meaningful community involvement throughout the school."

Journey to Excellence: Partnership


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