Are you a Schools Worker? If so, getting involved with an Induction Day in your local secondary school is a perfect way of giving support. Extra pairs of hands are warmly welcomed by hard-pressed teachers, and this is an ideal way of getting to know young people whom you may be supporting in different ways throughout their time in secondary school. Secondary schools throughout Scotland have extensive programmes of links and activities to support the transition of P7 pupils into S1. These develop team-building and closer relationships between pupils from cluster primary schools, as well as pupils who come from…
  Churches across the UK already have experience and skill in running Preparing for Parenthood courses for members and friends of their congregation. It is fully possible for School Workers, Chaplains and Church Volunteers to support their local school by making these materials and approaches available. They will need to be adapted for a school environment, but can provide experiences which will really help young people and will be warmly welcomed. From the school perspective, there has been considerable emphasis in Scottish education over the last 2 decades on helping young people to develop “emotional intelligence”. The importance of developing…
What individual experiences do you most remember from your school days? A speaker from the "real" world, perhaps? Or a visit to somewhere in the local community? Big once-a-year events are highly worthwhile, but also time-consuming to organise and need a range of people from outside the school to get involved.  If you are a local Schools Worker, you can support schools by making your experience and contacts available – and can also dedicate some time to helping organise the day. If you are a worker for an aid and development charity, your experience and knowledge can be invaluable for…

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