How to organise a full day school event

Giving children and young people to explore a set of ideas and issues over a whole day or a half day fits 100% with what schools are now being encouraged to do

  •  Flexible approaches to learning and teaching are strongly encouraged, as are opportunities for pupils to “meet people who show their faith in action.”1
  • Such events are much more effective when they are linked closely with ongoing classroom learning, drawing together different strands of learning/subject areas in a culminating integrative event and/or launching a theme which will then be pursued in subsequent weeks within the classroom.
  • The focus of such an event is very much on learning, so this is something you need to plan very carefully with one or more teachers. Together you need to
    • map which Significant Aspects of Learning will be focused on during your event
    • build appropriate assessment into your planning
    • evaluate the day using our Self Evaluation form as a model

s.3.9For advice on organising such an event, see The first couple of paragraphs (written for an English audience) don’t apply north of the Border, but the rest of this material is highly practical and usefully detailed.

Look also at our Case Study on "Big Questions" Conferences, for an example of how this has worked in a secondary school. Remember, though, that the format can equally be adapted for Primary.


1"Children and young people should be given opportunities to participate in service to others and to meet people who show their faith in action" (Education Scotland:

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