How additional needs

Jesus welcomed everyone, and frequently prioritised caring for those who had the greatest needs. He included everyone and excluded no one. It's really good, therefore, that our education system in Scotland is extremely inclusive: there is a presumption, in fact, that all children attend mainstream schools.  As a schools worker, there are many ways to support the pupils who have additional support needs, you can read more in this article.

A Christian Perspective of Disability

Inclusion is right at the heart of the Christian Gospel, for the good news of Jesus is open to all of humanity. Scripture Union (England and Wales) carries a useful article on their website:

Making all welcome

This online article has a range of practical advice for anyone working with children and young people, whether in church or in support of a school. It also has links to a wide range of other useful material.

How to help someone who self-harms

schoolswork logo carries a variety of helpful articles on helping young people with additional needs. The articles are written for schools workers in England and Wales, so always check out carefully whether you need to adapt any of the advice to working in a Scottish school.

Challenging Behaviour

Christine Brown, children's worker at Easterhouse Baptist Church, Glasgow, indicates in this Youtube clip how we might understand and respond to children who show challenging behaviour.

Christine Brown web ready

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