Secondary schools throughout Scotland have extensive programmes of links and activities to support the transition of P7 pupils into S1. These develop team-building and closer relationships between pupils from cluster primary schools, as well as pupils who come from other schools as a result of placing requests. A day-long S1 Induction Experience at an Outdoor Centre can provide highly effective support for this. There are a good number of Christian Outdoor Centres which are available for such programmes across Scotland. All outdoor experiences place considerable demands on pupil-teacher ratios. The outdoor centre staff are crucial here, but the programme can become considerably more effective if adults…
There has been considerable emphasis in Scottish education over the last 2 decades on helping young people to develop “emotional intelligence”. The importance of developing stable and mature relationships is frequently stressed, and within this context schools have introduced a variety of programmes to help young people to prepare themselves to become effective parents in future. Many of these are within Social Education (including the always-popular life-size “crying dolls”).  When one of its cluster primary schools organised evening seminars for parents in conjunction with Positive Parenting, one East of Scotland secondary school decided to develop a one-day “Preparing for Parenthood” conference for senior pupils. With support…
Interdisciplinary Learning is a key requirement of Curriculum for Excellence. Secondary schools deliver this entitlement partly or largely through aligning programmes of study across a range of subjects. There is also, though, strong encouragement to look at more flexible methods of delivering the curriculum. As early as Building the Curriculum 3, it was beingmade plain that: “The curriculum should include space for learning beyond subject boundaries, so that children and young people can make connections between different areas of learning. Interdisciplinary studies, based upon groupings of experiences and outcomes from within and across curriculum areas, can provide relevant, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences and stimulating contexts to…

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