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T.4.1 P2Teachers need time and space to develop their practice – and this includes bringing Christian Values in Education into your classroom in order to support every child/young person’s holistic development, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. 

There are a range of professional development opportunities out there that explore Christian Values in Education. Using online resources for Individual research and study is (or at least probably should be!) part of any teacher’s Continuous Professional Development:

  • We strongly recommend starting with the What if.... website http://www.whatiflearning.co.uk/  which asks “What if the Ethos, Pedagogy and Curriculum in your classroom all took appropriate account of Christian Values?” The site includes practical case studies related to numerous subject areas for both primary and secondary teachers. For Head Teachers and Deputes, there are also whole-school INSET materials which can be adapted to Scottish contexts. 

T.4.1 P3T.4.1 P1Other sites which are well worth looking at include:

Nothing beats talking to practitioners, however, and there are a couple of excellent ways to do this:

  • Join the CVE Community and start networking by emailing someone in a similar school
  • Contact one of the national organisations that support different aspects of Christian Values in Education as part of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Sign up for one of the periodic Teachers and Supporters Evenings around Scotland (see News for further information)

Do you want to develop your understanding of your faith, or maybe look in more depth about how to live radically as a Christian in twenty-first T.4.1 P4
century Scotland? If so, some of these websites or conferences may be interesting:

  • Tools for understanding the Bible in more depth: Bible Gateway is perhaps the best and most flexible online tool https://www.biblegateway.com/ Look also at http://www.thebiblejourney.org/
  • For issues around Science and Christianity, go to http://www.jamesgregory.org.uk/ The James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity are given periodically by world-renowned speakers in St Andrews but they are also all available in online video format. A “must-watch” experience for anyone interested in this area!
  • For two excellent Scotland-based annual conferences and associated events/support, go to CLAN (Christians Linked Across the Nation) http://www.clangathering.org.uk/ and SOLAS (Centre for Public Christianity) http://www.solas-cpc.org/
  • For in-depth apologetics (both online resources and a summer conference) look at the Oxford 
    Centre for Apologetics http://www.theocca.org/

What about some serious study (fully funded)?

  • The Farmington Institute is based in England but offers Fellowships throughout the UK, for
    • teachers of Religious Education in secondary schools primary school RE Co-ordinators or other primary school teachers involved in teaching RE,
    • T.4.1 P5teachers of children with Special Educational Needs who are involved with RE.
    • Headteachers who wish to undertake research into either Religious Education or Values Education.

The Fellowship will cover the cost of tuition for a period of study at a range of universities, board and lodging where appropriate, essential local travel and, by negotiation with the school, the salary of a replacement teacher. For full details see http://www.farmington.ac.uk/fellowships_and_awards/fellowships.html 

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