How to….think more deeply about why I’m a teacher

Here are a couple of practical suggestions:

1. Do some thinking about what Christian Values in Education is all about. As a starter, read our Christian Values in Education rationale, which was developed in conjunction with most of the Christian organisations and churches that support Scottish schools

2. We strongly recommend using some of your CPD time on the What if…. website  This asks “What if the Ethos, Pedagogy and Curriculum in your classroom all took appropriate account of Christian Values?” The site includes practical case studies related to numerous subject areas for both primary and secondary teachers. For Head Teachers and Deputes, there are also whole-school INSET materials which can be adapted to Scottish contexts.

Nothing beats talking to practitioners, however: 3. To think through Curriculum for Excellence from a Christian perspective (and to find out what a Christian Head Teacher thinks about it!) read “What's so good about Curriculum for Excellence?” 

4. Join the CVE Community and start networking by emailing someone in a similar school

5. Sign up for one of the periodic Teachers and Supporters Evenings around Scotland (see News for further information)

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